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The Basics: Taray

Because Basics Are Cool

The Basics of Scarlet Talon
(Because I'm just convoluted as all hell)

If you'd like to skip all the background information, because frankly it's tl;dr, that's fine. I'd like to think that it's interesting though, so your choice. If the idea of the political intrigue or geography of a fantasy world make you want to go to sleep, you might want to skip the first two sections, and go to "Characters".


 Scarlet Talon takes place in a made-up world.

They're easily the most fun to make, as you need not be restrained by the attitudes and predjudices that were common in the real world at the time period you're writing in. For example, if you're writing for a fantasy world that takes place in an America-esque country in the fifties, you don't need to write within the confines of McCarthyism.

Isn't fantasy fun?

Taray, the nation in which the story takes place, is an archipelago made up of sixty-three different islands. Each of these islands is a barony, and is ruled by a Lord. These Lords are in charge of their island, and run social programming, education, agriculture, etc. These men and women - the position may be held by either - are the ruling class of Taray, and form the Aristocracy. They are the law-makers, and gather yearly in the capital of Taray, titularly called 'Taray'.

The Island of Taray is the second southern-most island in the Tarayian Archipelago. It is the primary source of rule in the nation, and is also home to the only fresh-water lake.

Immediately to the north of the Island of Taray, only about seven kilometres by ferry, is the Island of Kor. The Island of Kor is the second most important island in the archipelago from a political and a socioeconomic perspective. Taray and Kor have a long and bloody history, and while they have been at peace for nearly six hundred years, the social gap has not yet been fully crossed.

There are other islands, obviously, but they're not relevant... yet.


Taray is a Monarchy.

The King or Queen is the head of the state, and the owner of the archipelago. His or Her word is the final authority on all issues, but in practice this is generally translated into veto power. The monarch is head of the government, but actual decisions are made by the Nobles.

Nobles are divided into two categories, Senior and Junior. Senior Nobles are those who have won prestige of some sort in whatever field they happen to be in, and must also have been a Noble for more than ten years. A Junior Noble is any Noble who does not fit those requirements.

As well, the government has two partnered committees: The Water Board and the Transportation Committee, the former being the far more important. Members of these two boards are usually Junior Nobles, or rich members of the general populace.

The Water Board is the body that regulates the distribution of water. Taray has only one fresh water lake and, as an Archipelago, they almost always have a water shortage. Therefore, the Board was put in place to restrict distribution to the bare minimum, making sure that distribution is even. Each Tarayian citizen gets a certain amount of water, and then, for a certain fee, they can buy Addition: additional water. The price is a sliding scale, in that the more you buy, the more it costs per litre. Therefore, the members of the Water Board are very well off, as they take a very large cut of the money that comes in from Addition.

(Or the main two, anyways)

Lord Edward Nietz is the 40-something Senior Noble of Kor. He can be cold and condescending, and is curt both with those he likes and those he doesn't. He does, however, have a more gentle side, if one can break through the ice to reach it. Nietz is fiercely loyal to the crown, and spent ten years as a detective in the Royal Service. [to be explained in more detail in some other post, some other time] He is tall and slim, with brown hair and blue eyes. His acerbic responses and expectations of obedience tend to rub people the wrong way, but he is totally unaware of that fact. 

Lord Earl Jayovere is a 54 year old man, also a Senior Noble. Hailing from the far-northern Island of Malaey, Jayovere is loyal to the crown, but is often frustrated by his own ineffectualness. Connected and well-respected, Jayovere is incredibly earnest, and attempts to please everyone. He is thin, and a little bit on the short side, standing quite a few centimetres below Nietz. Jayovere has black hair that is coming in grey, and has brown eyes.

If I've not yet piqued any interest in the story yet, then you either skipped down here to see if there was anything that was less tl;dr, or you don't like fantasy stories, which is fine. However, the purpose of the background information is less to pique interest (though if that happens that's awesome) so much as to supply order to the chaos that is my writing.

Seriously. I hadn't even actually set their heights until I typed that paragraph.

Is there anything else you'd like to know about any of the subjects above? What should I post next? Let me know in the comments!

The Journey of the Quill

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